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Hello Earth Indie Song
Infinite Zero Pop Song
When you have to piss Hip Hop - Modern Song
Feeling Good (inst cover) General Rock Song
Opening Score Classical Song
Who needs titles General Rock Song
Not poetry Classical Song
Tomfoolery Miscellaneous Song
Inspiring Film Score Classical Song
Existential Nihilism Pop Song
The Pretender (Cover) General Rock Song
Gretl General Rock Song
Bad Vibrations Classical Song
Les Miserables- On My Own Classical Song
I got a snake in my boots General Rock Song
Fool on the Hill Classic Rock Song
Hohoho merry Christmas Miscellaneous Song
Song with Trees Miscellaneous Song
Norwegian Wood Brit Pop Song
Sgt. Pepper's Instrumental Classic Rock Song
In a cave Classical Song
Lucy in the Sky Instrumental Classic Rock Song
Bonk Bonk the Poltergeist General Rock Song
Bonk Bonk Redux(?) Miscellaneous Song
Creeping Spooks Miscellaneous Song
Bonk Bonk the Clown Miscellaneous Song
Loving in the moonlight Miscellaneous Song
Dreamy Nightmare Miscellaneous Song
Glum Gloom Miscellaneous Song
Trapped in a drawer Techno Song
Extreme Drama (2 the MAX) Classical Loop