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Triumphant Return

2013-01-05 02:23:31 by SirReginald

I present my triumphant return to, after a nearly 2 year hiatus (holy shit).
It's going to be really weird adjusting to 2 years of change (though I've sporadically checked up on things do a shallow degree).

This is my latest masterpiece

I hope you enjoy xoxoxoxoxo
Moar 2 cum <3

Also I've made some music. Some good, some awful. Stick to the newer stuff plzthanx

Triumphant Return


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2013-01-05 02:23:53

Fuck I forgot how to animate


2013-01-07 03:21:27

Woah dude, it's been a long time.

(Updated ) SirReginald responds:

Sure has. I miss this shit too much though. In the coming months I'm gonna remember how to animate. So heartz

Also Hellbenders is incredible.