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would have been 4 star but it looped so i got to watch it over and over again aand now it 5 thanks for making the carton

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I really enjoyed the seamless blend of several different mediums of animation. I noticed 3D modeling, claymation, traditional stop motion animation, and the standard of computer generated 2D animation, and it all blended so well, and it each medium was treated very well.
Th only small complaint I would have is the audio quality, which was kind of low, but it didn't take away much from the beautiful animation.


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Ok so.
To begin, these points have been made time and time again since like the late '90s when the whole controversy began. As have any related jokes. So, as far as content (which this seemed to be riding on) goes, this was just flagrantly unsuccessful. I mean I've heard this a thousand times, and to even begin to think that this is in any regard new or original is simply delusional. That is not to say that I disagree necessarily, but still. If you're going to rant, don't say exactly what has been said before on the topic verbatim, and especially don't make the same damn jokes as everyone else who has ranted on the topic.
I hesitate to call this an animation, as animation, by definition, is supposed to trick the mind into thinking that a series of images are actually a moving object. At this, this...thing fails miserably, as the sole movement is relocating the little squirrel (which delightfully hasn't changed in appearance or quality in a decade or so of its existence) on the screen every once in a while, and changing the position of his arms. No, not moving his arms, as there is clearly no motion happening. This is scarcely something to be submitted to a flash portal at all.
I just believe that after being a part of the Newgrounds community for as long as you have, and animating as long as you have, there would be quite a bit more than this. Quite a lot, really. This seemed like something that was thrown together in thirty minutes because you were feeling pissy and evidently uninspired.
Not that you'll actually read this or consider it though.

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Fuck yes

excellent gameplay


there are a fucking lot of em. Bye, social life!

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This was superb. THAT IS ALL.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thanks. THAT IS ALL.

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You're gorgeous.

You are a perfect sport, sport.

I did what you asked.

Now I have yogurt all over me


this is great for porn

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Oney responds:

suited you sucking a hobos dick well

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i don't get it

i dunno man this joke is REALLY subtle.
you should make it more brazenly obvious

Ok. You win.

I'm not a fan of madness, but this is fucking incredible.

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holy shit dickgirls

u stuped gurls dont have peenises!!!11one1!11!1! XXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD


n/a, Male

Something absurd.



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