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The Apple Situation 4

2013-01-08 23:02:26 by SirReginald

It's out after years of waiting.
Also I restarted like 6 months ago and picked it up again the other night because #yolo#swag#swole#cut4bieber#dontsmoke#dont#smoke #eatyourvegetables#smiles#fuckbitches#hastag

Triumphant Return

2013-01-05 02:23:31 by SirReginald

I present my triumphant return to, after a nearly 2 year hiatus (holy shit).
It's going to be really weird adjusting to 2 years of change (though I've sporadically checked up on things do a shallow degree).

This is my latest masterpiece

I hope you enjoy xoxoxoxoxo
Moar 2 cum <3

Also I've made some music. Some good, some awful. Stick to the newer stuff plzthanx

Triumphant Return

#4. the fourth. episode four

2011-12-11 22:53:27 by SirReginald

It has begun.

Expect it a long time from now.

Until then listen to some tunes I've posted.

Love y'all.

Also here's a picture with a spoiler.

#4. the fourth. episode four


2011-08-03 22:47:47 by SirReginald

Hey sweetcheek(s).

I've been pretty nonexistent for quite some time.

That is because I have been very busy. Too busy.

I haven't found the time to animate more than a few lame loops, which aren't worthy of uploading, so instead, I've decided to give this music making thing a shot. My first efforts so far have been uploaded to the audio portal. Please, give 'em a listen. Even if they are abominations and display a general lack of knowledge and understanding of basic music theory and rhythm.
Not all were meant to be taken seriously, mind you.

Anyway, stick around, nothing is coming anytime soon other than muzaks.

Take it easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Covergirl.


Bob Needs Human Hearts

2011-04-08 23:30:02 by SirReginald

finally done. watch it.

i don't feel like retrieving the link, but it is only two clicks away so I think you'll be fine.

you're growing up so fast.

i love you